You may or may not know why you are here. I certainly do not! Be careful not to touch anything. If you break it you buy it.

Judging by the look of incomprehension on your face I see that this is above you. That's ok. No need to feel ashamed. Move along now.

Table Top Wiki

Board games you say? Ok. I can do that. Maybe you'll even learn something.


You would like to discuss something? Yes, yes. Be civil though. This isn't a cesspool of iniquity.


Tomes of knowledge! Yes this is definitely where you can expand your brain matter. Be careful though. Too much will cause dangerously high levels of thought.

What?! Oh, you can't get in. Yeah, I'm pretty certain I need to like you more first.


I love to receive gifts! Oh, I suppose I could pick up something for you from my travels. Some knick knack or bauble. Sure.